"GongBing.de": PROC 2002 - Trip to Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Hongkong .....

Huazhong University Of Science And Technology (HUST), Wuhan

Entrance to HUST

Welcome to the magnificient entrance to Wuhan's university ....

Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao has a splendid view on the campus.


One of the most important vehicles in China : a bike, seen in front of the "Department of Optoelectronics" at HUST.


The place were I used to stay during the day.


My honorable link man for nearly eight weeks in time: Mr. Tan Liang. Thank you for many "tea sessions" and good talks about project-related stuff and everything else ...


Professor Liu - Thank you for giving me the chance to work in your department.


The foreign student's dormitory: home sweet home.


Philosophical after work talks with tea and a lot to laugh about ;-))


The group of foreign students successfully exploring Wuhan and its cultural sites.


Here you can see one of the most important tools for intercultural communication: the Chinese-English universal translator.


Tan Liang and Mrs. Zhang introduced me to the diversity of Chinese food. Thank you for Baotse, Yaotse and everything else I used to eat very often.


These magical Chinese herbs cured weak foreign stomaches.

"Golden Dragon Card" - an essential thing to survive on the campus.


The farewell party - also known as "The Mother Of All Parties"" - was a big success.


Getting ready to return home ...


Enjoying a cold (+2 °C) stop-over in Moscow, capital of Russia.


Finally our group - f.l.t.r: Philipp, Wolf, George, Andi and Evelyn.

All of us had a wonderful time in Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai, "Three Gorges" and Hongkong -
thanks for your kindness to coorporate with Free University of Berlin, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics.

Philipp Ottlinger

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